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Did you know that 25% of Pittsburgh residents may be drinking contaminated water because of the lead pipes that service their homes? Lead is a potent neurotoxin that is dangerous even in the smallest exposures.  It can cause serious learning and behavioral disabilities in children and cardiovascular disease in adults.

Is your family at risk?  Email to arrange a free presentation for you, your family and your neighbors.

Our short presentation will help you  identify what lead  hazards you’re being exposed to in your home or community, provide you tips and techniques on how to minimize your family’s risk in the short term, and connect you to the resources to get your lead pipes replaced-- potentially for free!  You’ll also learn about other ways to make your home lead safe, why Pittsburgh’s water is especially dangerous, and what our elected officials are doing to fix this problem. Don’t wait another minute to arm yourself with tools you need to deal with this hazard.