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Clean Water Action joined with several allies to develop the 2021-2022 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard.

Much of the legislation scored this session jeopardized Pennsylvanian’s constitution right to clean air, pure water, and the preservation of the natural environment, files in the face of the oath our elected officials took to uphold this provision, and eroded faith in our democratic systems. Yet in a rare demonstration of what’s possible when legislators work across the aisle, the Senate unanimously came together to approve a bill that would more accurately identify childhood lead poisoning and both chambers passed a state budget this year that included transformational funding for conservation, clean water, and clean energy.

Democracy works best when Pennsylvanians understand the crucial legislation being voted on in Harrisburg that impacts our families, environment, and health. We hope you’ll use 2021-2022 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard as a tool not just to see how your legislators faired but to engage them and hold them accountable for their votes.