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The details the environmental voting records of every legislator and the behind the scenes leadership of this session’s environmental champions from the 2019 lame duck session through September 2021.
This scorecard also highlights democratic reforms that can make elected officials more accountable to the New Jersey public.
For the first time in over a decade, there is a lot of good news to report! Bills to remove lead service lines, ban plastic bags, and protect overburdened communities from toxic pollution were just some of the highlights. In a session marked by crises, it is clear that legislators made the connection that protecting the environment means protecting public health, strengthening the New Jersey economy, and standing up for racial justice.
The goal now is to make sure that EVERY session is this strong. Hurricane Ida demonstrated that the climate crisis is barreling down on New Jersey, but we still need clean energy and mass transit to be fully funded. Additionally, there are still bills that have yet to cross the finish line this session! TAKE ACTION now to write a letter to your legislators to get those bills passed
Wondering who your state legislators are? Every person in New Jersey is represented in Trenton by one state senator and two members of the assembly. Use this tool to find yours.

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