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Join the ReThink Disposable movement in Philadelphia!

While the City of Brotherly Love is known for its historic charm, passionate sports fans, and iconic cheesesteaks, a new transformative project, ReThink Disposable, is set to distinguish this city from others.

ReThink Disposable is a technical assistance program designed to assist food service operators in reducing waste and cutting costs by replacing single-use packaging items with reusable alternatives.
Whether you're a caterer, a mobile food vendor, event host, restaurant owner, café manager, or run an institutional kitchen or food court, ReThink Disposable can help you:

  • Lower expenses on disposable food service items
  • Improve the dining experience
  • Prevent litter near your location
  • Keep local waterways clean
  • Embrace sustainability and cut down on waste
  • Minimize waste collection service costs

We provide hands-on support by ReThink Disposable staff for small food business operators, including sourcing and pricing alternatives, logistical solutions incorporating the new system, before and after assessments of waste reduce and money saved, and assistance in finding funding for the one-time purchase of reusable items.

Organizations large and small are saving thousands of dollars each year, and winning over diners in a whole new way with sustainable solutions. We also partner with local and state governments to innovate new programs and policies to meet waste and litter prevention goals, reducing pollution in local waterways and beyond.

How You Can Get Involved

Fill out the form below or contact Mercedes Forsyth, Clean Water Action's ReThink Disposable Pennsylvania Zero Waste Specialist.