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Stormwater Solutions: Putting Nature To Work

Clean Water Action is a leading member of the Rhode Island Green Infrastructure Coalition, which advocates for natural landscaping methods to help clean and control storm water.

Improving Environment In Urban Communities

The coalition has more than 40 member organizations working for private, state and municipal funding to plan and build projects that mitigate flooding, provide Climate Change resilience and improve water quality. The goal is to increase the use of nature-based strategies in urban communities to improve the environment and create local jobs.

The coalition also highlights current projects in the state that protect water quality and human health from the pollutants storm water runoff carries. The methods we support include rain gardens, bioswales, roof gardens, riparian buffers and permeable pavement. The coalition promotes green infrastructure through education, support for funding, and engagement with local governments and stakeholders.

Fifth-graders at William D’Abate Elementary School in Providence plant a rain garden with a little help from the experts at Groundworks Rhode Island:

D'Abate rain garden_Rhode Island_Green Infrastructure_Photo by Dorothy Campbell

Photo by Dorothy Campbell


This gravel wet vegetated treatment system filters storm water runoff  from nearby road surfaces and residential lawns in Middletown:

riparian buffer at kempenaar_green infrastructure_rhode island_Photo by Jessica Pohl

Photo by Jessica Pohl


This bioretention basin system captures and filters runoff  from the Slavin Center roof, walkways and landscape areas on the Providence College campus. 

Bioretention_Rhode Island_Photo courtesy of  Providence College

Photo courtesy of Providence College


For More Info

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This green roof captures and filters rain water at the Blue Cross, Blue Shield building in Providence. Photo by David Gerraughty.