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Do you own cryptocurrency which has increased in value since you first bought it?

If the answer is “YES,”  you could realize significant tax benefits by making a crypto donation.

How it works: You donate your crypto. The donation is treated as the value at the time of your gift. Same as with other non-cash gifts, like a gift of stock. If you had to convert your crypto to dollars you might face steep capital gain tax consequences. Not when you donate directly.

We have partnered with Their simple website makes your donation easy. 100% of your donation benefits Clean Water Fund.

Donate Crypto today:

1.    visit
2.    click on one of the blue “Donate crypto” buttons (copy or replicate button from site?)
3.    type “Clean Water Fund” into the “Choose a nonprofit or cause” box
4.    complete the rest of the donation form (Be sure you’re set up to connect with us, so we can acknowledge your gift – we want to THANK YOU!)

NOTE: at this time, only Clean Water Fund (501-c-3 nonprofit, accepts tax-deductible gifts) is able to receive your Clean Water crypto donations.

Questions? Email or call:, 202-330-2379.