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Everyone deserves access to clean water, and that’s why it’s so important that leaders in the U.S. House are fighting back against the Trump administration’s rollback of clean water safeguards. The Clean Water For All Act (H.R. 6745) would block the administration’s reckless Dirty Water Rule, which jeopardizes the rivers, lakes, streams, and other vital water bodies our families, communities, and economies depend on.

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The Dirty Water Rule is the most extreme rollback of protections for streams and wetlands in the history of the Clean Water Act. It would wipe out protections for streams that provide drinking water to tens of millions of people and wetlands that filter pollution and protect our communities from flooding. We need to do more, not less, to protect our water resources. With your help we can stop the Dirty Water Rule!

The Clean Water for All Act (H.R. 6754) would:

  • Repeal the Dirty Water Rule, which was finalized by the Trump administration on April 21, 2020, from going into effect.
  • Direct the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) to propose a new rule to restore Clean Water Act protections to small streams and wetlands, based on the best available science.
  • Require that the new rule not degrade our nation’s water quality or increase pollution in drinking water sources.
  • Require that the new rule not increase flooding-related risks to human life or property. It also must prevent disproportionate impacts on minority or low-income populations.
  • Provide transparency and ample time for people to review the rule proposal by requiring, at a minimum, 180 days to solicit public input on the proposed rule.

The Clean Water for All Act recognizes that access to clean water is a fundamental right and necessary to sustain life and economic livelihood. In contrast the Dirty Water Rule harms the health of our communities by giving corporate interests like developers, pipeline operators, and fossil fuel companies the freedom to pollute. We can’t take clean water for granted.

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