Zero Waste in MD

How communities across Maryland handle their trash has enormous impacts on local air quality, municipal budgets, and contributions to climate change. In the past decade, community-led campaigns in Baltimore City, Prince George's County, and Frederick and Carroll Counties prevented new trash incinerators from being built; but old incinerators in Baltimore City and Montgomery County remain in operation, over the protests of the communities they're located in. And Maryland policies and priorities tip the scales toward trash incineration and other polluters, holding back the zero waste revolution we need to reduce pollution, sequester carbon, and create good green jobs all across the state. We're working to push Maryland away from trash incineration and toward Zero Waste. Join us!

Amidst Rising Energy Costs, New Report Shows Maryland Ratepayers “Clean Energy” Dollars Are Flowing to Polluting Energy Sources

Report highlights the need to clean up Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, through passage of the Reclaim Renewable Energy Act (HB11)

From We All Live Downstream

2017 Annapolis in Spring
April 13, 2022

Another year, another legislative session complete for us in Maryland! Maryland’s legislative session runs for just 90 days each year, between January and April, and ended this year on Monday 4/11. It was a busy legislative session full of lots of action on clean water, clean air, and environmental justice - and Clean Water Action members like you sent 3,000 emails to your delegates and senators in support of our priority legislation. Thank you for everything you do!

Here’s how our top clean water priorities fared:

April 6, 2022

On Thursday, April 7, the Frederick City Mayor and Board of Aldermen are considering a pilot program for curbside compost! Under this contract, Key City Compost - which is in process of expanding its compost site just north of Frederick City - would partner with the city to pick up and compost food scraps from 800+ homes in two areas of the city, in the the Golden Mile corridor and downtown.

A compost pile at Prince George's County's compost facility.
March 30, 2022

SB229: Environment – On–Farm Composting Facilities – Permit Exemption

House Environment and Transportation Committee

March 30, 2022

Positon: Favorable

Dear Chairman Barve and Members of the Committee,

Clean Water Action supports SB229 to expand the footprint of on-farm compost facilities, and we appreciate the amendments that Senator Gallion and Delegate Shetty agreed to which strengthen the entire on-farm compost permit.