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For decades, the BRESCO trash incinerator has stood as the most recognizable welcome sign to Baltimore. But its towering smokestack is the least of the impacts it has on central Maryland. It burns waste from homes, businesses, schools, and institutions across central Maryland, and contributes significantly to local air pollution. Despite being classified as "clean energy" by the state of Maryland - which allows it to receive more than $10 million in state subsidies over the past six years - it emits twice as much greenhouse gasses per unit of energy produced than the state's coal plants. And its emissions of nitrogen oxides 

Zero waste alternatives and reduction of waste at the source promise a future for Baltimore with cleaner air, less litter, more good local jobs, and no trash incinerator. Earlier this fall, we worked with environmental and community groups from across the region to send a clear message to the Maryland Department of the Environment that the status quo is not good enough for Baltimore. (Read about it on our blog, in the Fishbowl, or on WYPR.) And we're working to build a coalition powerful enough to not only shut down BRESCO, but build a just transition that is better for Baltimore workers and communities.

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