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We Can Live Without Cancer-Causing Chemicals

by Kim LaBo Our bodies are two-thirds water. What is in our water is in us. Yet, when we rinse our shampoo out of our hair, clean the toilet bowel with a strong cleaner, or wash our clothes, we don’t think about what we are sending out through our plumbing to our local waterways. We assume what we
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Diesel Clean-Up is a Win-Win

by Lynn Thorp There’s dire news about climate change pretty much every week now. There’s also promising news about what we can do to address global warming if we can find the political will to do so. This week's United Nations Environmental Programme report on Black Carbon is no exception, and it
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Triclosan Facts: Now that you know, it's time to act

Triclosan fact#1: this chemical ingredient is found in more than three quarters of liquid hand soaps in the U.S., and is also added to products like cosmetics, cutting boards and children’s toys. Triclosan fact#2: manufacturers include it for its supposed “antibacterial” properties, yet triclosan is
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Congress Poised to Act on Diesel Pollution

Written by Jonathan Scott, Clean Water Action’s interim Communications Director What if there was a way to save lives in communities across the country that would also protect and create jobs, improve children’s health, reduce global warming pollution and protect our water? That is exactly what the
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