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Big wins for climate this session!

The Connecticut legislative session ended on May 4th and we’re celebrating some big wins on climate! Senate Bill 4 addresses transportation emissions—a significant source of greenhouse gases and toxic air pollutants. The law requires that vehicles purchased or leased for the state be electric as
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Dear REI: Hiking & PFAS Chemicals Don't Belong Together


I just gotta say, I've been shopping at REI for about six years, I love your equipment and the folks who work at your stores are extremely helpful.

I'm writing about PFAS chemicals used in outdoor gear. This stuff is... well, to call it crap would be polite. And the ironic thing is I've used

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REI Members to REI: Take Leadership on PFAS!

REI has tarnished its reputation as a company committed to sustainability by continuing to sell clothing, including for children, that contains PFAS. As an REI member, I am disheartened to see that not only do many REI products contain PFAS, but REI is failing to make meaningful progress to phase

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Climate Action Now!

Together, with our amazing phone canvass team, we’re urging all legislators to support and pass these bills by the end of session on May 9th. Join us to fight for bold climate action now!!
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