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Publications by Clean Water Action Texas

Texas Currents | Winter 2023

In this Issue: Injection Wells for Carbon Capture & Storage in Texas | Sign the petition: Don’t let carbon waste 
injection poison our water future | Fall Elections in Texas: How Did the Environment Fare? | Something’s Rotten in the State of… Garbage! Methane Landfill Emissions in Texas | Austin I-35 Expansion Concerns | National News: Urge Your Elected Officials To Protect ALL Of Our Water! | The Clean Water Act of 2023 | We Can Get The Lead Out Of Drinking Water | Federal Budget Update

Texas Currents | Summer 2023

In this Issue: The Clean Water Act One-Two Punch: Defend & Strengthen | Clean Power = Clean Water | Texas Legislature’s 88th Session | Spring for Water Benefit & Bash | The Sun Sets & Also Rises on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality | Houston Flood Equity Victory

Texas Currents | Fall 2022

In this Issue: Texas Two-Step: Defending Democracy & Electing Environmental Leaders This Fall | Mark Your Calendars with Important Election Dates | Our Endorsed Candidates | The Devil’s in the Details: Water Forward and Green Infrastructure for Austin | Climate Change: Making the Case for “One Water” | Aren’t ALL waters in the U.S. “Waters of the United States”? Sackett & WOTUS in Texas | Solar Edit: Sunset on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Currents -- November 2019

In this issue: Flood control | EPA revisions fall short | Water Forward In Austin | Lead pipes in Austin | Crying foul on methane