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Publications by Clean Water Action Connecticut

New England Currents | Winter 2023

In this Issue: Urge Your Elected Officials to Protect ALL of Our Water | We’re Taking on Plastic Pollution at the Source! | The Zero Carbon Renovation Fund — a Bridge to the Clean Energy Future | This Winter, We’re Fighting for Climate Justice
 (and Cozy Homes!) | What Do We Want for the Holidays? Legislation to Fight Toxics! | “What’s a Merf?!” Your Bottle Bill Study Commission Update | Celebrating with Our Members!

New England Currents | Summer 2023

In This Issue: Getting to Zero Waste: ReThink Disposable Launches in New England | States in the Lead: Our New England Team is Taking on Toxic PFAS Pollution | Victory! Rhode Island is Getting the Lead out of the Water! | Less Litter, Less Waste, More Recycling: The Rhode Island Bottle Bill | “We Still Can’t Breathe” - On the Ground at the Rally for Asthma Justice | Live in Western Massachusetts? Worried about your water? Contact us! | Energy Efficiency Campaign Launches Round 2! | Celebrating New England’s Environmental Champions!

New England Currents | Fall 2022

Check out our Fall updates in Clean Water Action's New England Currents -- Fall 2022 Newsletter.