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Colorado’s wetlands and streams are at risk. 
Please take action today to protect them from pollution and destruction!

Urge Your Representative to Protect Colorado’s Wetlands and Streams 

Earlier this month, we told you about Colorado House Bill 24-1379, which would restore vital protections to Colorado’s wetlands and streams. This legislation is urgently needed to safeguard our state’s rare wetlands and other waters that lost Clean Water Act protections in the wake of a 2023 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Clean Water Action and our environmental allies are working tirelessly to ensure HB-1379 reaches Governor Polis’s desk for his signature this legislative session. Unfortunately, a competing bill backed by industry, Senate Bill 24-127, is also making its way through the State Legislature this week. Instead of restoring lost protections, SB-127 places wetlands and streams on a path to destruction from development, mining, and other polluting industries. 

Contact your state legislators today and tell them to support HB-1379 and oppose SB-127.

Supporters of SB-127 claim it would protect our state waters. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, it excludes many rare wetlands and other state waters that were protected by the Clean Water Act for decades. SB-127 also lacks clear requirements for developers or other industries to avoid, minimize, and then mitigate harmful impacts to wetlands and streams. This is the exact opposite of HB-1379, which would safeguard all of Colorado’s critical wetlands and waters. 

HB-1379 is the solution Colorado needs to restore protections to our wetlands and streams. SB-127 is a giveaway to industry and must be defeated. 

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