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Congress is putting environmental and public health safeguards at risk!

Though a federal government shutdown was averted, health and environmental protections continue to be at risk as the U.S. Congress debates the 2024 federal spending plan.

Some Members of Congress are proposing extreme spending cuts, including to programs that keep pollution in check. So far, the House majority has drafted budget bills that include cuts to non-defense discretionary spending as well as hundreds of “poison pill” riders. Congress must pass clean spending bills that place the focus of the federal budget and appropriations process back where it belongs: on providing ample funding and advancing the public interest.

Bedrock laws and agencies like the Clean Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency must be protected, yet some members of Congress have shown they care more about their corporate polluter friends than our water or air.

Write to your Members of Congress to stand up to attacks on our health and environment.

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