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We can no longer allow monopoly corporations and corporations seeking state contracts to buy their way out of accountability and drown out the voice of the people. The Taking Back Our Power coalition is working to pass a Michigan state law that comprehensively prohibits these corporations from making state or local political contributions.

We suffer when corporations have undue influence over the elected officials who are supposed to be looking out for us. For example, because for years DTE and Consumers Energy have dumped millions into Lansing to escape accountability, Michiganders pay the highest electric rates in the Midwest for the worst power outages. State governments such as Connecticut, Hawaii, and Georgia and federal agencies such as the Securities Exchange Commission have already passed prohibitions on political spending by monopoly corporations and government contractors.

Passing Taking Back Our Power’s common sense reform would mean Michiganders can finally attain accountable basic services and we can vote with faith that our voice matters.

Ask your Michigan state lawmakers to stop taking money from monopoly corporations and corporations seeking government contracts and sign on in support of the Taking Back Our Power pledge - and thank your lawmakers who already have!

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The common sense reforms advocated by the Taking Back Our Power will:

Limit the impact of large campaign contributions from contractors charged with serving the public, stopping state contractors and monopoly corporations that deliver crucial public services like healthcare and electricity from buying their way out of providing quality services that Michiganders deserve.

Address and mitigate the undue influence of corporations in the delivery of public services in Michigan. Restricting political contributions from government contractors and monopoly corporations will ensure fair and unbiased decision-making.

Allow a more democratic system that prioritizes the needs and concerns of everyday people.

Promote economic equality, ensuring that public contracting decisions are not unduly swayed by quid pro quo and the interests of the privileged few.

Ensure that politicians are accountable to the public rather than being beholden to contractors and monopoly corporations.

Protect marginalized and vulnerable communities in Michigan from being overlooked and sidelined in political decision-making processes, promoting quality public services and creating a more equitable society.

Contribute to the pursuit of social justice, dismantling barriers that prevent marginalized communities from having an equal voice in shaping policies that impact their lives.

Taking Back Our Power coalition partners include Clean Water Action, Community Change, Detroit Action, Emergent Justice, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Michigan People's Campaign, MOSES Action, and Voters Not Politicians.


Michigan Capitol Day 2024: Power To The People!

April 24, 2024 | Lansing, MI
Join Clean Water Action and allies from across the state on Wednesday, April 24th in Lansing to call on our lawmakers to ban monopoly utilities and government contractors from making political donations!
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