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Stopping Pollution Before It Starts

One of the most common and easily preventable sources of water pollution is used cooking oil and waste grease when they’re dumped down the drain. This can lead to costly clogged pipes at home and even bigger clogs at wastewater treatment plants or distribution points along the way. A Clean Water Fund supporter and entrepreneur, Laura Lady, has built her new business around an innovative solution to this problem. Her product, FryAway, aimed mainly at home cooks, is added to used cooking oil or grease while it’s still warm. You end up with an easy-to-handle gel that can be disposed with your household trash.

We asked Laura to tell us more about why she is a Clean Water Fund supporter.

“I’ve been in business for a long time,” Laura says, “working for many years with well-known consumer and entertainment brands and children’s products. Through it all, I’ve always been passionate about cooking and food, and equally passionate about the environment, especially clean water."

"That’s why I created and launched Fry-Away. It brings together my love of cooking and with an environmental solution to a nearly universal problem for home cooks: what to do with leftover oil, and how to dispose of it without harming our water."

"I am excited to be able to support Clean Water Fund through my business. With a mission to protect clean water, now and for future generations, this was a natural fit.”

Laura and Fry-Away provide ongoing financial support to Clean Water Fund, making donations based on product sales. Fry-Away is a business member of 1 Percent for the Planet.

Check out Laura Lady's successful pitch to FryAway in January 2023:

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Jon Scott manages business partnerships for Clean Water Action & Clean Water Fund. We’d love to hear from you if your business is interested in getting involved and giving back to protect clean water.

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