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Thank You Clean Water Action Voters!

The votes have been counted and the races have been called, solidifying the future of Michigan’s legislature for the next two years - and Clean Water Voters spoke out, loud and clear!

As a Clean Water Action member or supporter, we know you care about our water and climate. That’s why we vet and endorse candidates for office that reflect your values and priorities.

One of our most important responsibilities is to recommend candidates for office that our members and other Michiganders who prioritize protecting clean water can support on Election Day. It isn't easy to earn our endorsement: candidates must have a strong record of fighting for environmental issues, ready to be a leader in office, and run a strong grassroots campaign. .

Once an endorsement is earned, our staff and volunteers - and in particular, our year round field and phone canvass team - work across the state to get out the Clean Water Voter vote.

And this year, we definitely did.

90% of our 41 endorsed candidates for the 2022 Michigan midterm election won, and 100% of our endorsed ballot proposals passed!

Thank you to all Clean Water Voters who made their voice heard at the ballot box! We look forward to hitting the ground running to make meaningful change for our Michigan environment and communities in the 2023 legislative session - and working with our newly elected lawmakers to achieve real victories and a brighter future.

Congratulations to our 2022 Clean Water Voter Endorsed Election Winners!

Michigan Executive Branch

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II

Attorney General Dana Nessel

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Statewide Ballot Measures

Michigan Proposal 2, Promote The Vote: Yes

United States Congress

Hilary Scholten, Michigan's 3rd Congressional District

Elissa Slotkin, Michigan's 7th Congressional District

Dan Kildee, Michigan's 8th Congressional District

Hayley Stevens, Michigan's 11th Congressional District

Rashida Tlaib, Michigan's 12th Congressional District

Michigan State Senate

Senate District 1: Erika Geiss

Senate District 3: Stephanie Chang

Senate District 7: Jeremy Moss

Senate District 8: Mallory McMorrow

Senate District 13: Rosemary Bayer

Senate District 14: Sue Shink

Senate District 15: Jeff Irwin

Senate District 19: Sean McCann

Senate District 28: Sam Singh

Senate District 29: Winnie Brinks

Michigan State House

House District 6: Regina Weiss

House District 9: Abraham Aiyash

House District 13: Lori Stone

House District 15: Bilal Hammoud

House District 17: Laurie Pohutsky

House District 21: Kelly Breen

House District 22: Matt Koleszar

House District 23: Jason Morgan

House District 27: Jaime Churches

House District 33: Felicia Brabec

House District 40: Christine Morse

House District 41: Julie Rogers

House District 44: Jim Haadsma

House District 74: Kara Hope

House District 75: Penelope Tsernoglou

House District 77: Emily Dievendorf

House District 81: Rachel Hood

House District 84: Carol Glanville

House District 103: Betsy Coffia

House District 109: Jennifer Hill

Regional Ballot Measures

Macomb County, Transit Millage: Yes

Oakland County, Transit Millage: Yes

2023 Michigan Legislative Priorities

Clean Water Action has 135,000 active Michigan members who value our Great Lakes and protection of the water resources on which we all rely. This document covers our priorities and policy recommendations for the 102nd Michigan legislature.
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