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If I had to summarize 2021 in one word, I’d use adaptation to describe how our offices across the country and in Maryland took to the hurdles and challenges of the last two years of the pandemic and transformed them into a totally new way of organizing, outreach, and policy change.

Our victories in 2021 hinged on your continued support - whether it was donating financially to fund this important work, taking action through our website or emails, or boosting our reach on social media by liking and sharing posts. [Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!] We simply could not have been as successful educating and holding lawmakers accountable, electing environmental champions, and slowing the attacks on our air, water and communities without the support of friends and members like you. 

There’s still a lot of work to be done, and I am reaching out to ask that you join us as we continue the fight for clean water in Maryland and the Chesapeake region.

In 2021 we need your help as we:

  • tackle septic system pollution
  • seek financial and clean up help for people facing basement sewage backups in Baltimore
  • expand opportunities for compost for food scraps
  • demand that the state stop subsidizing burning trash as clean and renewable energy
  • and advocate for environmental justice principles in state spending and decision making.

Your year-end gift will help ensure that Clean Water Action can continue to fight for our drinking water and to restore the heath of our streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay. Support our efforts today for a clean water tomorrow.