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Hi, my name is Flynn!

I’m an aspiring UX designer, high school senior, basketball player, business owner, and most importantly, a sushi-eater in the Austin Metropolitan Area. I have recently been hired as an intern by Clean Water Action to work on web content and national/state issues, and I’m very excited to be here! 

My story with Clean Water Action really began in 2016, when I got my first taste of political work, volunteering to canvass and work phone banks for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and I’ve been interested in making a real difference ever since. Since 2016, I’ve volunteered for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, my local chapter of Second Baptist Church, and the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign. 

On my journey of activism and volunteering, I came across a canvassing position for Clean Water Action. I learned more about the organization, and the mission of the organization really clicked with me, particularly the parts about helping underserved communities get access to clean water, free of toxic chemicals, and the protection of our environment through oil and gas regulations, clean energy, and waste prevention. 

I applied for that canvassing position and was subsequently hired shortly after. Unfortunately, Clean Water Action had to suspend door to door field operations during the pandemic and the position was postponed.

During this time, I’d been researching coding and website creation. In August, I’d just finished my certification in HTML, CSS and Web Design by General Assembly. I was looking for ways I could apply my new skills, and Clean Water Action had held a series of Zoom calls about the organization and its mission. I connected the dots and reached out to our great communications director here, Michael Kelly, to pursue any web-oriented projects within Clean Water. He spoke with me about it, agreed that I could contribute to the organization that way, and set up a communications internship.

I began working for Clean Water Action on September 23rd, and I’m excited for the journey ahead!