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On Giving Tuesday, protect what you love - donate now!

Why Clean Water on Giving Tuesday?

Top Ten Reasons Clean Water Fund should be on YOUR list

#10 Future Generations – Decisions and actions taken in the next 6-10 months could determine our Clean Water Future for decades to come. Now is the time to get involved by making your tax-deductible gift to Clean Water Fund today.

#09 This Cause is Critically Important yet Critically Under-Funded –  Environmental causes in general and clean water issues in particular receive among the tiniest fraction of philanthropic support in the US compared to other kinds of nonprofits. Your gift to Clean Water Fund will help make sure those are addressed, too.

#08 Strength in Numbers – Giving Tuesday is all about a lot of people supporting the causes they care about with gifts of all sizes. This is your chance to show how important protecting clean water is to you. The more you give and the more friends, family and neighbors you can persuade to join in, the more powerful the grassroots movement to protect clean water becomes. Every dollar matters. Every donor matters. Give generously and invite others to join you. Come on in, the water’s clean!

#07 Fishing, Swimming and Drinking – The landmark Clean Water Act of 1972 – the law we helped to draft and pass – sets ambitious goals for eliminating water pollution and making our water fishable, swimmable and drinkable for everyone. We’ve made a lot of progress, but we’re still far short of those goals. Recent cuts and rollbacks threaten to put us even farther behind. You can help restore our nation’s historic commitment to restore and protect our water. Make a gift, then raise a glass to celebrate our shared vision of the Clean Water Future we want for our children, and grandchildren and the generations who will follow them.

#06 We All Live Downstream – The smartest way to get clean water is to keep it from getting polluted in the first place. In a very real sense, water pollution can impact anyone. Yet too many elected officials these days act as if paying lip service to the idea of clean water is enough. It’s not! We shouldn’t have to wait for the next water crisis before acting. The time for action is now – action to prevent pollution and to keep our clean water laws strong and effective – before it’s too late.

#05 You can Give Confidently – Clean Water Fund scores near the top in reviews by independent charity watchdog organizations, consistently earning 3-star and 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator. This means we have proven to be efficient and effective stewards of the resources entrusted to us by donors like you.

#04 Your Impact will be doubled – Thanks to a generous offer from Patagonia, your gift will be doubled if you donate here. Patagonia is matching gifts to their grantees, up to $10 million. When the $10 million runs out, the match is over – so donate today to double your impact!

#04a Your employer may match your gift as well. When you make a donation to Clean Water Fund, there’s a good chance your employer may match whatever you give. Many businesses will match employee giving to Clean Water Fund with additional donations 2 or 3 times your original gift. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to initiate one of these matches. While you’re at it, find out whether or not your employer offers the opportunity to support Clean Water Fund and our partners at Earth Share through payroll deduction at work.

#03 Tap Your IRA’s Power to Help Protect Clean Water – If you were born before 1950 and have an IRA, you should seriously consider donating some of your 2019 Required Minimum Distribution. Almost anyone age 70 ½ who arranges a gift direct from their IRA to Clean Water Fund is not only supporting a great nonprofit – you’re also setting yourself up to unlock some potentially significant tax savings. Giving Tuesday is a great time to check out our new IRA donation tool at and please be sure to share the easy-to-remember link with anyone you think might be in a position to benefit from an IRA donation this year.

#2 Our Water Needs Us Now – Protections for our water and our health have faced many serious challenges over the years, but none as serious as the steady onslaught of cuts, rollbacks and weakening proposals aimed at dismantling critical Clean Water Act programs. Your tax-deductible gift to Clean Water Fund helps us fight back against the polluters and their allies at a time when the stakes have never been highe.

#1 Your Clean Water Donation will Make You Happier – The gift you make today is an investment in something we all care about deeply. It’s simple: We Protect What We Love! You care about clean water and want to see it protected, now and for the future. Donate now. We’ll be more than grateful. And you’ll feel good about the difference you’re making for our water, for our health, for our planet and for all of its inhabitants. Protect What You Love – Protect Clean Water!