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On Tuesday, August 20th, County Executive Pittman is holding a town hall at South River High School (201 Central Ave E, Edgewater, MD 21037) at 6:30 PM to present his proposed update to Anne Arundel County's Forest Conservation laws. 

Forests throughout Maryland are disappearing, replaced by development. When trends are analyzed, it becomes apparent that Maryland's state minimum forest conservation practices are not doing a good job at protecting our contiguous and heavily forested parcels. It is in these heavily forested parcels that the state is losing hundreds of acres a year.

Anne Arundel County is no exception to the rule. Issues with the minimum retention requirement (how much of the property needs to be kept in forest), the low price for fee-in-lieu (paying the county instead of replanting), and others have created a situation where it is too cheap to deforest and too expensive to replant.

Come learn about the county executive's proposal and ask him questions about what these changes will mean for you, Anne Arundel County, and your local forests.

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