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Speaking Out for Our Lands and Water

Organizers from Clean Water Action and partner nonprofits, all clad in bright blue shirts reading “Fund LWCF,” could be seen scattered across the public seating area during Wednesday’s hearing of the House Committee on Natural Resources. 

The clean water advocates had begun the day flyering outside the Longworth House Office building, educating staffers and other passers-by of the importance of full, dedicated funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Once inside the hearing, they caught the eye of Representative Sam Graves (R-LA) who referenced the activists’ presence as he chided his colleagues across for requesting full funding for the LWCF while also opposing increased offshore oil drilling. Rep Graves claimed that more offshore drilling would  increase America’s energy independence, but revenue from this expansion could be used to fund the LWCF.

Clean Water Action’s Diandra Angiello found a rebuttal from Rep. Huffman (D-CA) particularly refreshing. 

“(Huffman) pointed out that our choices are not simply continuing offshore drilling or accepting foreign oil... There is a third choice that has to be made a priority in American energy. This is the investment in renewable energy production. America has the capacity to be energy independent without relying on fossil fuels.”

Though the hearing recessed before a final vote was taken on the matter, all left with renewed motivation to continue the fight to protect our public lands and waters.

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