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Protecting Clean Energy in Connecticut

Earth Month is a good time to share what we’re doing together to protect the planet, startingin Connecticut.

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time with impacts on water, air and public health. Recent reports urging immediate call to action are alarming yet can drive political will for rapid and radical change needed to reverse course. In addition to shifting to renewable sources and electrifying our transportation system, we must reduce energy consumption by using energy more efficiently. Connecticut has programs in place to help residents and business owners significantly reduce energy consumption. The programs are subsidized through a small surcharge on ratepayers electric bills. These initiatives not only help us achieve our climate goals but they save consumers money and make buildings healthier places to live and work. 

Did you know that energy consumption in buildings contributes 31% of carbon emissions?  Reducing energy consumption in buildings can have a rapid and significant impact!  According to the 2018 report from Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Board, energy efficiency and clean energy savings resulted in the following:

  • Energy savings equivalent to one 130 MW power plant—enough to power 46,000 homes for a year,
  • Savings of $5 million dollars in health care costs from reduced emissions and pollutants
  • Supported 38,000 jobs in HVAC, electrical, manufacturing, insulation, weatherization and solar industries  (34,000 from energy efficiency alone!)
  • Helped improve Connecticut’s economy by generating $5.4 billion to the state’s gross state product

Many high profile and important legislative priorities for solar and wind projects are underway yet this alone will not get us where we need to be in terms of our carbon emission reduction targets.  We must reduce consumption by expanding energy efficiency initiatives!  A first step is to urge Governor Lamont to stop the scheduled raid of an additional $54 million dollars from the fund that supports energy efficiency and protect these raids for their intended purpose!  I’m proud Clean Water Action is leading on this initiative. 

Join with us! Sign our petition to urge Governor Lamont to protect these funds and protect our planet!!