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Two Hundred Thirty-Eight Against Clean Water


That is how many members of the US House of Representatives voted for the dirty water amendment to repeal the Clean Water Rule.

  • 238 Members of Congress voted to give a free pass to activities that can destroy streams and wetlands.
  • 238 Members of Congress voted to put wetlands that communities across the country rely on for protection from flooding and to filter groundwater in jeopardy.
  • 238 Members of Congress voted to put the drinking water sources for more than 1 in 3 people at risk of being polluted.
  • 238 Members of Congress put the needs of corporate polluters, developers, and industrial agriculture before the priorities of their constituents.

Now it's time to hold these Representatives accountable. Find out if your Representative voted with special interests and let them know that you're disappointed here. Send a message today.

These 238 Members of Congress voted to attach the Dirty Water Rider the Farm Bill which thankfully died on the floor. The House didn't have enough votes to move forward, but they are going to have to try again and polluting interests will push to attach the Dirty Water Rider on the next attempt. We have to let our Representatives know that this is unacceptable. Because this isn't the only Dirty Water Rider – House Republicans have attached two more Dirty Water Riders to must pass spending bills that will be up for votes soon.

We can't let these riders go anywhere, and we need to send a message that voting for pollution is unacceptable. Help us stop them. Send a message to your Representative right now.

Not everyone put polluters first. A lot of members of the US House understand that we need to do more, not less to protect clean water. If your Representative is one of the 173 who voted against this dangerous amendment, send them a thank you note and urge them to keep fighting for clean water.

Find out how your Representative voted and send a message today!