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We are proud to announce our current endorsements in the 2018 Maryland election. Clean Water Action endorses candidates based on legislative track record as well as questionnaires and interviews. 

Primary Election: June 26, 2018
General Election: November 6, 2018

Clean Water Action is pleased to announce these endorsements in Frederick County and Howard and Carroll Counties:

Frederick County Council At-Large

Democratic Ticket

Kai Hagen is a Clean Water alumnus who has been active in Frederick County for years, serving on numerous boards and commissions and providing an excellent voice for sustainable policy and the environment. Kai has previously served on the Board of County Commissioners, before Frederick County moved to its current form of government.

Mark Long has also been active on environmental policy in Frederick County for years. He already has a wealth of knowledge on the workings and policy in Frederick County and will be able to hit the ground running if elected. Mark is on the board of Envision Frederick County, and is active in and around affordable housing.

Republican Ticket

Justin Kiska is a small business owner who has worked with the Golden Mile Alliance task force, then non-profit, to advance the livability, economic vibrancy, and safety of the US-40 corridor in Frederick County. He understands that growing for growth's sake is not a wise policy decision, and wants to see future growth in Frederick County come in where there is infrastructure (like roads and schools) to support it and maintaining farm and forested land.

Frederick County General Assembly District 3

Ron Young, the incumbent state senator for District 3, is a champion for the environment in Annapolis. He has recently sponsored many Clean Water Action priorities, including an updated and improved Forest Conservation Act and legislation on mercury switches and relays. He is an advocate for Smart Growth - developing where it makes sense and preserving our prime agricultural and natural lands.

Carol Krimm and Karen Lewis Young, incumbents running for re-election in 3A, are consistent votes for pro-environmental iniatives, supporting smart growth and sustainability.

Ken Kerr, a challenger running in district 3B, has been active in public service in Frederick County, serving on the Frederick County Board of Elections, the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Commission, and teaching at Frederick Community College. One of the initiaives he would like to expand micro-farming, especially around schools, where students could learn about climate, weather, and ecology in the context of the food they eat.

Howard and Carroll County General Assembly District 9

Katie Fry Hester, running for Senate in District 9, comes from the private sector, where she has been working in corporate social responsibility. If elected, she will work with stakeholders to find solutions that incentivize smarter development, preserve our agricultural heritage, and protect our waterways.

Steve Bolen, running for the House of Delegates in District 9A, is a recent federal retiree who has a strong belief that our physical well-being stems from the world we live in: people rely on healthy environments in order to work, play, and live. He sees the importance of protecting and fighting for our clean water, air, and food for the generations to come.

Natalie Ziegler, running for the House of Delegates in District 9A, comes from a family of Howard County farmers and is looking to bring together agriculture and the environment for a local, sustainable future. She would like to see more co-beneficial practices such as incentives or cost-sharing for sustainable practices, like no-till farming or grassed waterways.

Maryland General Assembly Endorsements


District 3

Senator Ron Young
Delegate Karen Young (3A)
Delegate Carol Krimm (3A)
Ken Kerr (3B)


District 9

Katie Hester Fry
(candidate for Senate 9)
Natalie Ziegler
(candidate for Delegate 9A)
Steve Bolen
(candidate for Delegate 9A)


District 11

Delegate Dana Stein


District 12

Delegate Eric Ebersole
Delegate Terri Hill


District 13

Senator Guy Guzzone


District 14

Delegate Eric Luedtke


District 15

Senator Brian Feldman
Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo


District 16

Delegate Marc Korman


District 17

Delegate Kumar Barve
Delegate Jim Gilchrist


District 18

Delegate Al Carr


District 20

Senator William Smith
Delegate David Moon


District 21

Senator Jim Rosapepe


District 22

Senator Paul Pinsky
Delegate Anne Healey


District 23B

Delegate Marvin Holmes


District 24

Senator Joanne Benson


District 28

Delegate CT Wilson


District 39

Delegate Shane Robinson


District 42A

Delegate Stephen Lafferty


District 43

Senator Joan Carter Conway


District 44B

Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
Delegate Charles Sydnor
Delegate Pat Young


District 46

Senator Bill Ferguson
Delegate Luke Clippinger
Delegate Brooke Lierman
Delegate Robbyn Lewis


District 47A

Delegate Diana Fennell
Delegate Jimmy Tarlau


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