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Update: The Howard County Council voted and passed CB30 (the Citizens' Election Fund) on Monday, June 5th! County Executive Kittleman vetoed the bill, so the work continues to overturn the veto. We need you to email or call your councilmember one last time to thank them for voting for a new way to finance campaigns and ask them to overturn the veto!

What is CB30?

This bill is the implementation of Question A, a referendum to create a publicly-financed election campaign fund, that Howard County citizens voted for in 2016. CB30 sets up a new way to fund elections in Howard County, expanding opportunities to run for office, encouraging participation in elections, reducing the role of large and corporate donors, and leading the state and country in fixing our broken campaign finance system.

Participating candidates may not:
Accept contributions of more than $250
Accept contributions from political action committees, corporations, labor organizations, or political parties

Read the bill here.

But we already voted for this, right?

No! Even though the citizens voted for Question A to allow this type of publicly-financed campaign fund, the implementation legislation is not guaranteed to pass. The work is not yet over! We need to make sure that the County Council passes the legislation with a veto-proof majority to guarantee that Howard County residents get the publicly-financed campaign fund they voted for in 2016.

Please, call your County Council member today and ask them to vote YES for CB30. Making a call is easy.

Dial the main line at (410) 313-2001


  1. Tell them your name and address, ask how they are.
  2. Ask if they will overturn the veto on CB30 for the Citizens’ Election Fund program.
  3. (optional, but encouraged) Tell them what you care about the issue
  4. Thank them for their time.
  5. Email me so we know you called and how it went.


  • Be nice to their staff! They are busy but are eager to hear from constituents.
  • Tell them the number of the bill (CB30)
  • Help spread the word to your friends and family.
  • Be yourself and tell them why you care about the issue
    • Levels the playing field
    • Allows grassroots issues to compete with deep-pocketed interests

Or, you can send an email!



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