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In Maryland, the General Assembly meets every year for ninety days, from January to April. During this time, the State’s legislators introduce legislation on a variety of issues and must work together to pass a budget for the year ahead. With the 2017 Maryland General Assembly Session quickly approaching, Clean Water Action is putting together an ambitious plan to advocate for important legislation that will protect and preserve the environment. Here is a quick overview:

  • Toxics: Clean Water will push for bans on products like wheel weights, switches, and relays that contain powerful neurotoxins like mercury and lead.
  • Antibiotics: The Fair Farms campaign will fight to pass legislation that limits the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals, so that consumers aren’t over exposed.
  • Septic Regulations: Clean Water will push back on the Maryland Department of the Environment’s rollback of regulations specifying best available technology (BAT) septic usage on new construction, and support legislation to codify those regulations.
  • Fracking: With the fracking moratorium for Maryland expiring soon, Clean Water Action will support legislative efforts to make sure that fracking never happens in our State.

We’re confident that with your help, the Maryland General Assembly will pass legislation that results in a better environment for all Marylanders in 2017.


Take Action! Don’t Roll Back Septic Regulations

Maryland has made a lot of environmental progress over the past 35 years and thanks to advocates like you, the Chesapeake Bay’s water quality is finally improving. However, the Maryland Department of the Environment proposed new rules that roll back septic regulations and put the health of the Chesapeake Bay at risk.


Traditional septic systems release excessive amounts of nitrogen into the ground, contaminating drinking water sources, local streams, and leading to dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay. Regulations mandating the use of best available technology (BAT) dramatically reduced the release of nitrogen into the ground.


Please tell state officials that we can’t afford to go backwards now.


Maryland has made too much progress to turn our back on our streams, waterways, and beloved Chesapeake Bay. Don't go backwards on the Bay!

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