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I'm an activist, which probably goes without saying, given that I work as a canvasser for a non-profit environmental organization.

I grew up during the turbulent, boisterous and very active 60's, which is to say, I'm used to voicing my opinion. And I always assumed that my opinion would count. As an American, I know quite well that I have a plethora of benefits that many others in parts of the world can't even fathom having. For instance, as a woman, I have the right to vote and to seek any type of employment I choose. I have, for the most part, reproductive freedom of choice. And I had always assumed that as one of my most important, and hard fought given was clean and pure water. The fact that we, Americans, have that as one of our assumed gifts was just put in severe jeopardy. Not the game show. Not Jeopardy. Or Apprentice. So, needless to say, I'm horrified by recent events, starting with how our elections turned out. I'm fairly used to seeing sexism in action. And racism. Well, basically, I'm used to seeing all the isms and phobias. I may not be black or gay but I have seen how some of our countrymen treat others. That may be one of the reasons I am proud to be part of Clean Water Action. I'd like to think that working for a progressive, compassionate organization makes a difference.

Having said that, I am now terrified to my core and can't stop crying. For the loss of freedoms, for the disappearance of certain 'inalienable' rights, for the rose colored glasses that I must have been wearing all this time. For it seems that at least half of our fellow citizens care not about the environment, it's citizens or the planet as a whole. How can I make that assumption? Not only has climate change been called a hoax (despite the plethora of scientific evidence to the contrary)  but we now have clear evidence of the war that will be waged against our solitary ailing planet. It may have been a campaign suggestion, but it seems that there are new promises not only to rescind the Clean Power Plan alongside the proud declaration to totally eliminate the EPA.  If you look at the cabinet he is putting into place as well as those of his 'confidants (think Putin et al), it becomes clear. War is being waged on our planet. And all of the important safeguards we worked so hard to put in place. We did not take any kickbacks to do this, it simply is the right thing to do - that of banding together to protect our environment. Lessons of the sixties. Hard won wars from the 70's, 80's and 90's. And on. We can't let this happen. Again, we must band together even stronger this time. We are in trouble and I hope that it's not too late to mobilize as many people as we can.

We truly need each and everyone to come together to overcome the oncoming chaos that is about to ensue.

I don't want this to be a negative rant on current events. However, I think that I, at least, had those rose-colored glasses on and never, in my mildest imagination, could have foreseen this. I'm in mourning. However, I'm also a child of the 60's, so I will escape to my comfort zone. That of fighting for what I believe in. Fully, totally and awake this time. After all, we can't afford to fail. The planet is depending on us.