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With apologies to “A Visit from St. Nicholas” poet Clement Clarke Moore.


Twas the day of formal session, and all through the House
Not an official was stirring, not even Rep. Straus.


Just the day prior, the caucuses met
Not many amendments… but really, just not yet!


In fact, in just 12 hours, there were sixty-one
Some were for gas, and some were for sun


2,000 megawatts of offshore wind we demanded
Banning the gas pipe tax[1] got some Reps reprimanded!


(Thanks for going to the mat on that one, Rep. John Rogers!
Rep. Lyons proved pipelines are bipartisan bothers)


Shout-out to Rep. Haddad, heroic "Witch-of-Wind,"
Working to get the clean revolution underpinned!


Her maiden speech to the House gave our champ, Rep. DuBois
For "Power Without Pollution," pass a clean energy law!


Then the House delivered her the ceremonial hug
But don’t think she’ll soften up… she’s a real spark plug!


Time for debate but the House disappeared…on arrest?
Behind closed doors, the bill’s action progressed


Of the sixty-one amendments attempted,
Most were withdrawn, laid aside, or otherwise pre-empted


Some made it through to help fix up gas leaks
Which are bad for our climate, our wallets; it just reeks!


(Congrats to our gas leaks shero Rep. Lori Ehrlich!)


That’s it--now you have it, the bill[2] moves to the Senate
We must be vigilant now to make sure we win it!


So call up your Senator, Governor too!
We can hit a home run and make polluters blue.

[1] This was actually a ratepayer subsidy, but that wouldn’t work in my couplets….

[2] View bill language, history, and proposed amendments here


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