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Yesterday the Supreme Court put a temporary stay on the Clean Power Plan. Importantly, this decision was not based on the legal merits of the case nor does it overturn the Clean Power Plan, which enjoys overwhelming public support. EPA’s authority to reduce carbon pollution has already been widely debated and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Most states are already moving forward with plans to implement the Clean Power Plan and embrace the public health benefits of a transition to clean energy. The unstoppable shift to a renewable powered future has already begun while fossil fuel interests are being left behind.

The back-slapping in polluter circles as a result of this decision should be enough to show the American people that these companies are firmly stuck in the past without vision and scared of the future. Stabilizing our climate for children being born right now, while ushering in a new era of clean energy is lost on companies bent on polluting at all costs.

Clean Water Action will continue to support the work of a diverse coalition of groups defending the Clean Power Plan. We look forward to inevitably seeing the first ever federal limits on carbon pollution implemented across the country.