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Ending Minnesota's Plastic Bag Ban Preemption: A Case For Local Control

We know plastic bags are bad. We know they take forever and a year to break down. We know they leach toxic chemicals into our soil and water as they sit in landfills. And we know that if we want to vote to enact a plastic bag ban in our municipality, we should be allowed to do so. That is how democracy works.

"Lights, Camera, Plastic?"

Ask the producers, writers, directors, and set decorators in Hollywood to end the proliferation of single-use plastics on-screen.

Prince George's County: pass a more equitable Better Bag Bill!

In June, Prince George’s County Council passed a “Better Bag Bill:” legislation to ban plastic bags and place a 10 cent charge on paper bags. Bills like these are an important step forward for the environment and great Zero Waste policy - but must be made in coalition with food access and equity organizations to ensure that any potential concerns are addressed.