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Make New Jersey’s Corporate Business Tax Surcharge Permanent

NJ has been talking a big clean energy game, but the cuts to the Clean Energy Fund mean that programs to make clean energy accessible to lower income residents are delayed. The cuts to the NJ Transit capital budget mean that mass transit improvements in NJ are delayed or left unconsidered. Now, the state is saying we can afford to cut the taxes of giant corporations. We are here to say: absolutely not.

Be a Rhode Island Voter in 2022!

Good news! Voting in Rhode Island just got a lot easier thanks to the grassroots efforts of the Let RI Vote coalition which Clean Water Action is a part of.

Minnesotans Meet with Congressional Delegation to Prioritize Great Lakes Protection and Drinking Water

Clean Water Action Minnesota was in DC to talk about and support the GLRI Act of 2019 and advocated for significantly increasing federal funding for clean water and safe drinking water programs. The GLRI Act would provide stability for Great Lakes funding for at least five years, provide secure and stable funding, and will encourage more state and local governments, as well as private businesses, to invest in protection and restoration across the Great Lakes basin.