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Washington DC – President Biden and Vice President Harris today highlighted the importance of protecting the bedrock freedom to vote and urged the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. President Biden also endorsed reforming Senate rules to ensure that the bills get to his desk.

Clean Water Action President and CEO, Bob Wendelgass, issued the following statement:

“The President is correct – the right to vote, to have a voice in the decisions that impact our families and our future, is the bedrock of this nation. That fundamental right is under attack. The only way to counter these partisan attempts to manipulate our elections and undermine our freedom to vote is to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. And the only way to get past Republican obstruction is to reform Senate rules. We thank the President for his clear-eyed statement and encourage him to use every tool at his disposal to ensure Senators heed his call for action."

"We’re at a critical juncture – instead of convincing voters of the merits of their ideas, too many unscrupulous politicians would rather limit who can access the ballot. More than 34 bills have been passed in 19 states to subvert our elections and suppress our freedom to vote. These bills systematically target voters of color, low income voters, and other marginalized groups who deserve to have equal access to the ballot box and their votes and voices heard. Our future is in the balance – a healthy democracy that works for everyone is essential to a healthy climate, to healthy communities, and to protecting our water. We urge Senate Democrats to act now and do whatever it takes to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”


Since the organization’s founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking, and people power to the table.

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