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Toxic flame retardant chemicals are no longer needed in home products made with polyurethane foam—but a new report shows that while many companies are making sure their products are free of toxic flame retardants, others are lagging behind.

Clean Water Action as part of the “Safe Sofas and More campaign” surveyed the top mattress, furniture, and carpet padding manufacturers and found a significant percentage of the companies have failed to ensure the foam in their products is flame retardant free or do not provide any information. Our report, Flame Retardants in Furniture, Foam, Floors: Leaders, Laggards, and the Drive for Change, identifies clear leaders that have removed toxic flame retardants from their products and provided clear information to consumers on their websites, by phone, and on labels. On the other hand, the report also identifies laggards that do not make sure foam in their products is free of toxic flame retardants and/or do not provide enough information for consumers to make smart decisions.

Read the report here.


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