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PFAS are a class of human-made chemicals that are incredibly persistent in the environment and also highly toxic. PFAS have been linked to cancers, reproductive harms, and other health problems.  Unfortunately, they are still found in many household items like some carpets, cookware, outdoor apparel, and even baby bibs! Toxic chemicals shouldn’t be near our food or our children.

With a lack of action at the federal level, it is state legislatures across the country that are pushing manufacturers to phase out PFAS. Last year, Rhode Island joined this growing movement when the General Assembly passed laws banning PFAS in food packaging and setting a maximum contaminant limit for PFAS in drinking water.

These are great first steps, but until Rhode Island passes a more comprehensive ban on toxic PFAS, these chemicals will continue to contaminate our waterways and our bodies. Clean Water Action is supporting legislation this session that will ban these dangerous PFAS chemicals from a range of products we use every day *before* these toxins can contaminate our bodies and the environment.

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