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DC residents lack basic citizenship rights. Statehood is the only path to equal rights and full citizenship for residents of the District – it is the "unfinished chapter of the civil rights movement." More than 700,000 DC residents deserve to have a voting representative and two senators in Congress along with all the other citizenship rights every other American enjoys.

That is why we support statehood for the District of Columbia and are calling on Congress to make DC the 51st state.

DC residents pay the highest federal taxes in the country, yet have no voting representation in either the House or Senate. They lack control over their own local budget and local laws, and cannot appoint or elect their local judges.

DC residents have no voice in the United States Senate and no vote at all in the Congress. Congress must reintorudce H.R. 51 -- the Washington DC Admission Act for Statehood -- to end “Taxation Without Representation” for the 702,000 residents of DC.

Join us in our campaign for equal justice! Together we can make DC the 51st state!

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