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Hi! I’m a plastic spoon! I’m hearing a rumor that Clean Water Fund doesn’t like me and wants to replace me with “sustainable, safe reusable dining ware” to “clean up plastic pollution in our waterways” through their ReThink Disposable campaign. Well, I’m here to say NO to this plan! Listen to me, a plastic spoon: do NOT give Clean Water Fund money on 401Gives to fight plastic pollution

Plastic cutlery should be allowed to roam freely! Everyone loves seeing me sunbathing on the beach at low tide, relaxing under a picnic bench, or sneaking out of a public garbage can. America loves an underdog, and I am literally under your dog right now! 

But Clean Water Fund wants to raise money on April 1st during 401Gives for their ReThink Disposable campaign to directly fund replacing disposable plastic forks, cups, and spoons (like me!) with reusable products at restaurants and institutions across Rhode Island! When you donate to Clean Water Fund on 401Gives, your money funds phasing out me and my plastic friends! Why would anyone want to do that?! 

And the worst part? Clean Water Fund’s ReThink Disposable campaign has left a trail of success across the country! Partnering restaurants and institutions are already replacing over 28 MILLION pieces of disposable food ware yearly! That’s 28 MILLION plastic friends of mine who aren’t happily rotating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, tricking sea turtles into eating them, or cartwheeling through your downtown streets. This plastic pollution campaign needs to stop! 

So, remember, on April 1st, during 401Gives, listen to me, a plastic spoon, and do NOT click on this link to donate to Clean Water Fund’s ReThink Disposable campaign. And please share this blog with your friends and family and on your personal social media with the hashtags #401Gives and #ReThinkDisposable so everyone knows how betrayed plastic spoons, like me, are feeling! Let plastic pollution roam free! 

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