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Ripples on the surface of the water. Credit: 2xWilfinger / Shutterstock

Letters and emails from Clean Water Action?

Like many nonprofits, many of our most important communications with our members are planned out many weeks in advance – a much longer timeframe than the rapid pace with which the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading.

This means, chances are, you have received one or more communications that were written “before.” Here’s what we would like you to know, now:

All of us here at Clean Water Action sincerely hope you and your family are healthy and remain so.

Our organization has responded by cancelling meetings, conferences and long-distance travel this spring. We’ve also temporarily suspended the door-to-door outreach programs which are central to our strategy to build people power and win for our water. All of our offices are closed to normal business, and as many of our staff as possible are now working remotely.

Our priority is protecting the health of our staff and volunteers, our members, and the public.

Sadly, against this backdrop, there is no sign that the Trump administration is doing anything to moderate its continuing attacks on protections that keep our water clean. On the contrary, big polluters (the fossil fuel industry, for example) and their allies appear to be doubling down. Trump appointees have even refused to allow the public more time to submit comments on proposed rules during this crisis

You should know that our decision to curtail and reshape some of our most powerful strategies to advancing protections for public health and the environment comes at significant financial cost to our organization. These were hard choices to make, but they were clearly the right ones.

What this all means is that your continued – and if possible, increased – financial support at this very challenging time is urgently needed. We understand the difficult reality that making donations now may not be possible for everyone.

We appreciate and value all of your past support. We hope you will stay connected and involved, however you are able. Of course, we welcome and value whatever additional financial support you can provide at this time. We remain committed to advancing our mission and vision of fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for all – and we can’t do it without you.