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Climate change is a hoax. We’re going to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. We’re going to eliminate the Waters of the U.S. rule. We’re going to roll back most of the Obama administration’s environmental policies, including the Clean Power Plan.

These are not only president-elect Trump’s words but his vision for the environmental world he intends to create and they could have a profound impact on Pennsylvania’s water, air, and health.

We are ready to fight back against any attempt to weaken critical environmental protections, but we need your renewed support today.

Thanks to our members, we had many strong victories in 2016, including:

  • Stricter state regulations for fracking operations, including protections for schools and playgrounds, as well as banning open pits on well sites which hold, and often leak, millions of gallons of toxic wastewater.
  • A national ban on any local sewage plants accepting oil and gas drilling wastewater for discharge.
  • The first ever federal rule restricting methane emissions from new oil and gas operations which will help protect the planet from this powerful greenhouse gas.

But we know that what we’ve won is now at risk. 

Trump is nominating oil industry insiders and climate change deniers to head the agencies charged with protecting our air, water and precious natural resources.  He will try and renege on international commitments the United States has already made to fight climate change. He’s pledged to reverse our Clean Water Rule victory and effectively dismantle the EPA.

We need your support to ensure that Trump’s vision for Pennsylvania of increased fracking and pollution doesn’t become a reality.

Our efforts at the state and local level in Pennsylvania will matter more than ever with a lack of federal action and oversight on the environment.  Clean Water Action has been working locally for many years where real change is happening in Pennsylvania.  Whether its educating low-income neighbors in Philadelphia about lead in drinking water, fighting coal plant pollution on the Susquehanna, or stopping fracking wastewater from entering Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers, Clean Water Action has always been devoted to building a movement for clean water from the ground up.

More than ever, this is a moment for anyone who wants to protect clean water, act on climate, and improve public health to come together and take action. Fighting back and making positive advancements requires a continued partnership.

Renew that partnership today with a year end gift.

We're grateful for your help and friendship, and look forward to remaining by your side in the battle to protect our water and our communities.