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Flash Forward Friday – Blog Post for Wednesday, November 9th

Resist President-Elect Trump’s Polluter-Friendly Agenda

Sigh. I did not really think this is a sentence I would have to write: Donald Trump won a shocking victory yesterday, edging out Hillary Clinton in the electoral college.

President-Elect Trump has vowed to abolish the Clean Water Rule and the Clean Power Plan, to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, and to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. At times, he has even promised to eliminate the entire EPA.

We will not let him undo the environmental progress that we’ve made over the last 45 years, and we will work especially hard to preserve the landmark victories of the Obama administration.

In response to the upcoming Trump Presidency, here’s what we expect to be our top priority national campaigns for 2017:

1. Save the EPA

We can’t let polluting industries regulate themselves. We need EPA to exist and have the funding they need to do their job. Additionally, we will be fighting to preserve the Clean Water Rule and the Clean Power Plan, but first things first, we need to protect our EPA.

2. Do not withdraw from the Paris climate treaty

We need to maintain American leadership and cooperation in the fight against climate change. If President-Elect Trump withdraws from the treaty, it would be an existential threat to the treaty – and possibly to our entire climate.

3. No Keystone XL

We can’t allow our water, our communities, and our climate to be threatened by a reversal of policy on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

4. Oppose Harold Hamm’s confirmation as Energy Secretary

The leading candidate for Energy Secretary in the Trump administration is Bakken crude billionaire Harold Hamm – the man who literally developed modern fracking. We’ll be working hard to convince legislators to oppose his nomination, but that will be difficult with both houses under Republican control.