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Happy New Year from all of us at Clean Water Action! We all want a better world for people, animals, and nature. Working together, we can protect clean water and create a liveable climate future for all. This new year, as Clean Water Action celebrates our 50th birthday, please join us by creating your Climate Resolution!

Clean Water Action has partnered with our friends at @votesfortheplanet on a new initiative to spark people around the world to create Climate Resolutions! Our goal is to encourage all everyone to share their eco-friendly New Year's resolutions on Instagram on January 1st through January 31st. 

The coolest part is that Votes for the Planet will be incentivizing with up to $5K in donations to Clean Water Action. You'll also be entered to win $100 and choice of climate organization to receive a $1K donation (e.g., to Clean Water Action).

Will you join us? Create your Climate Resolution here and by following the steps below. Download Clean Water Action's Climate Resolution templates here and follow the easy steps below to share with your friends and family.

Climate Resolution IG post - Clean Water Action (1).jpg

Climate Resolution IG post - Clean Water Action (3).jpg

How to Create a Climate Resolution: 

  1. First, check out some examples to get inspired: In 2022, I will Become a member of Clean Water Action; Ride My Bike More Often; Demand Politicians Pass Bold Climate Policies; Talk With Friends About Climate Action; Eat Less Beef & Fly Less. Check out an Instagram post example from last year here.
  2. Post an image to Instagram and add your Climate Resolutions to the post. You can also, screenshot our templates here and add it to your post or story. Be sure to follow and tag @votesfortheplanet and @cleanh2oaction
  3. If you prefer to create a Climate Resolution on your computer, click here for instructions and templates.

For every post, Votes for the Planet will donate $5 to Clean Water Action! You’ll also be entered to win $100 and choice of climate organization to receive a $1K donation (e.g., to Clean Water Action!). 

Climate Resolution IG post - Clean Water Action (2).jpg

Want to Level Up (level up, level up)?

  1. Follow @votesfortheplanet and @cleanh2oaction on Instagram

  2. Post a Climate Resolution in both your story and feed on Instagram; and

  3. Make at least a $5 donation to Clean Water Action here: (be sure to type ‘Votes for the Planet’ under ‘Representatives Name’ on the donation form).

If you do all 3, Votes for the Planet will boost the donation to $10 per resolution to Clean Water Action. Learn more about the contest here.

Thank You!

Just by sharing a Climate Resolution in 2022 on Instagram, you’re making a plan to take action to help save the lives of people and animals, protect clean water, and create a healthier environment for all. You’re also inspiring others to do the same! Thanks for participating and helping kick off Clean Water Action's 50th birthday celebration in style!

Many thanks to Votes for the Planet for organizing the Climate Resolution 2022 campaign, as well as all the other incredible participating climate organizations including Citizens Climate, Tuesdays for Trash, Sunrise Newark, Climate Reality Los Angeles, Climate Vegas and 350 South Florida. If you have any questions, please email