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Community members, Cities, States and the Federal Government all have a role to play

Lead in drinking water is a serious problem affecting millions of people across the United States. The solution lives in collective action on every level. 

Communities can:

  • Find out whether or not you have a lead service line!
  • Contact your local water department and ask them to test your line.  Are you a community member/ organization that wants to lead on the issue of lead in drinking water? Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page! Want an online workshop designed specifically for your community? Click here

Reduce lead in the tap

Cities should

  • Identify and disclose lead service lines
  • Commit to covering full cost of lead service line replacement
  • Increase drinking water monitoring
  • Improve communication with residents 
  • Partner with community groups on community outreach
  • Interested in existing resources to aid full replacement? Contact us using the form below.  

Massachusetss Communities Leading the Way 

In December 2018, Chelsea received the first Clean Water Lead Reduction Leadership award for their commitment to replacing lead service lines quickly and equitably. In November 2018, they successfully applied for and received a loan from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Between 2017 and 2020, Chelsea replaced 400 lead service lines at no cost to homeowners or renters.

Clean Water is continuing to partner with the City and Chelsea Greenroots on public engagement and outreach.

Massachusetts Should 

  • Establish lead service line disclosure legislation so that renters and home buyers can make informed decisions about their drinking water and health
  • Support legislation that addresses lead in schools
  • Increased grant and loan funding for overburdened communities who would benefit from lead service line replacement
  • Strengthen existing standards for lead in drinking water

State Resources

Federal Action 

Community action is important, but communities also need more resources to remove lead service lines. It’s especially important for environmental justice communities, where personal and municipal budgets are already stretched beyond capacity. The Build Back Better Act currently before Congress could be the key to getting desperately needed funding to communities across the country, including Massachusetts, struggling to finance lead service line replacement. No one should have lead in their water because of how much they make or what community they call home. Tell Congress to make history, and invest in our communities.