Complete Streets and clean air in Baltimore

March 21, 2018

If not for the snow, the Baltimore City Council would have held a hearing today on the Complete Streets ordinance, a bill that would help Baltimore ensure that roads are designed with the safety and wellness of all people in mind.  Transportation planning that prioritizes public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian uses helps people stay healthier, air stay cleaner, and the climate stay cooler.  Read our testimony below, an

Transportation, air quality, BaltimoreLink, and the Red Line

January 22, 2018

Public transportation systems are a key air quality and climate change issue.  About a third of Maryland's total greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector.  Public transportation uses at least half as much energy to move a single person as a private vehicle, and one study found that replacing private vehicle trips with public transit trips reduces carbon monoxide by 95%, volatile organic compounds by 90%, and carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide by 45%.  Robust public transit systems allow commuters and travele