Staycation in the Basin!

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We're kicking off a PHOTO-THON this summer to protect the Delaware River region! You can participate by sharing and posting your #StaycationInTheBasin photos to #ProtectTheDelaware! Fill out this form to get started.

Delaware River Basin At Risk

The Delaware River Basin is an important region that attracts millions of people each year who enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, wildlife watching and vacationing. We recently won a decade-long fight to permanently ban fracking in the Basin! This is an incredible victory, but the Basin in still at risk. The Delaware River Basin Commission, the body charged with overseeing the Delaware River Basin watershed, will soon release preliminary rules that could allow drilling companies to withdraw water from the basin for fracking and then discharge fracking wastewater back into the basin. This will put the entire region and watershed at risk.

Join the #StaycationInTheBasin PHOTO-THON!

Let’s show the Delaware River Basin Commission how important the Basin is to you, your family and friends - and why its so important to protect it now and for generations to come! What is your favorite way to enjoy this beautiful area? It's easy to participate now and all summer long by:

  1. Planning a visit to the Delaware River Basin. This includes Delaware River and Bay plus all of the areas that drain into the waterway such as Delaware Bay in Cape May, Delaware Water Gap and even Narrowsburg, New York!
  2. Taking and posting photos on Social Media of you and your friends and family having fun in the Delaware River Basin! When you post, please tag @DRBC1961 on Twitter and @CleanH20Action on Twitter & Instagram and Clean Water Action on Facebook. Also, be sure to include the hashtag #StaycationInTheBasin #ProtectTheDelaware in your posts.
  3. Submit your photos by completing this form. We will pick our favorites and share them on all of our social media accounts and we will also send them to the DRBC! File types accepted: GIF, JPG, and PNG. Maximum upload size: 2 MB.
  4. Photo Ideas: Having dinner in a river town, enjoying the downtown ambience, climbing a mountain nearby the river, paddling down the river, fishing on the river, supporting a local business near the river.

We also recommend that you submit your comments directly to the DRBC here and be sure to sign up for email updates as well, so you can find out when DRBC announces they are accepting official public comments on these preliminary rules. We will need as many people as possible to submit comments saying NO to any fracking activities in this watershed! 

Where is the Delaware River basin? 

NJ_Delaware River Basin_Source DRBCThe Delaware River Basin is a 13,539-square-mile watershed that cuts through Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The region consists of the Delaware River and Bay plus all of the areas that drain into that waterway. Maybe you spend time fishing in the Delaware Bay in Cape May? You are on vacation in the basin! Taking a canoe through the Delaware Water Gap? You are on vacation in the basin! Camping in Narrowsburg, New York? You are on vacation in the basin! 

[Photo of map of the watershed area]

What is fracking and what exactly is the threat posed by these new rules?

Fracking, also known as high-volume hydraulic fracturing, is the process of injecting pressurized water mixed with sand and other chemicals into bedrock to release gas. The good news is that Clean Water Action and our allies recently helped secure an incredible victory to finally ban fracking in the the Delaware River basin due to the potential harmful impacts to drinking water! However, DRBC is still considering allowing external natural gas companies to take water from the basin for fracking and to dump their fracking wastewater into the basin.

Withdrawing water from the watershed will be detrimental to the more than 13 million people who rely upon the Delaware River Basin’s waters for their drinking water. Discharging fracking wastewater back into the watershed could expose this pristine watershed to toxic pollutants. The DRBC can try to make rules regulating these withdrawals and discharges, but the simplest and safest answer is for the DRBC to just say NO to any fracking activities in the basin at all. It is time for our region to invest in the clean energy technology of the future and stop wasting resources and polluting watersheds with the dirty energy technology of the past.

Folks have been coming to the Delaware River and the basin for decades to swim, camp, boat, hike, fish, and cool off. This summer, after a long hard year of staying home, families are looking for a safe place to relax and enjoy some hard-earned vacation time that doesn’t require getting on an airplane. Let’s show DRBC that this watershed is far more valuable as a recreation area than as a source for fracking fluids and a dumping ground for waste.

Join our #StaycationInTheBasin PHOTO-THON and share this with all of your family and friends!

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