Rhode Island Campaigns

Post storm damage along a shore

Climate Resilience

Rhode Island’s coastal comunities are vulnerable to rising seas. We're partnering with cities and towns throughout Rhode Island to make sure they are prepared for the impacts of climate change.

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Energize Rhode Island

Clean Water Action, as a member of the Energize Rhode Island coalition, is fighting for a solution that can ease the environmental impact, while helping residents and businesses adapt to changes intensified by the burning of fossil fuels.

A pile of waste after an event

Green Scene

Clean Water's  "Green Scene" program provides event business and organizers with the tools needed to create a "Green Scene" to minimize an event's impact on the environment and host community.

Cleaning product bottles. Photo credit: Maxx-Studio / Shutterstock

A Safe and Healthy Rhode Island

Clean Water is working to reduce and eliminate toxic chemical exposures in our everyday lives- in buildings, schools, and workplaces, air, water and food, and in consumer products.

Furniture abandoned on the street

Extended Producer Responsibility

Requiring manufacturers to pay for the collection and recycling of their products encourages them to design products that are less toxic, more durable and more recyclable.