Minnesota Campaigns

Cleaning Up Minnesota’s Corporate Agriculture

Agriculture has played an important role in Minnesota’s history and will undoubtedly be a critical part of Minnesota’s future – Minnesota is one of the states for crop production in the country. Unfortunately, there are environmental challenges associated with Minnesota’s role in providing food and fiber for the world.

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Safer Chemicals for Minnesota

Did you know the shampoo, cleaner, or laundry detergent you wash down the drain may be harming your health and the health of our water? Find out how these chemicals are making their way from our products into our bodies and water, discover simple steps you can take to protect your health from toxic chemicals, and see what we're doing to fight for safer chemicals.

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Protecting The Great Lakes and Minnesota's Water

Protecting our Great Lakes: As a leading member of the Healing Our Waters coalition, we are working to protect the Great Lakes we love and clean them up for future generations to enjoy.

Putting Drinking Water First: We are making drinking water impacts a primary consideration when developing regulations and other programs involving upstream activities that can impact downstream drinking water sources.

Aquatic Invasive Species: We are strategically focused on reducing the risk of introduction of new aquatic invasive species.