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Baltimore incinerator could lose clean energy funding

March 8, 2019

"The BRESCO trash incinerator, in my neighborhood, has received $10 million worth of subsidies in the past six years paid for by Maryland rate payers," said Jennifer Krunze, Maryland program organi

As City Stops Sewage From Flowing into Harbor, Residents’ Basements Fill With Crap

January 26, 2019

“Closing sanitary sewer outfalls is a requirement of the consent decree, but when the city started doing that, the number of homes with sewage backups each year increased from 622 reported backups

Baltimore City's plan to deal with sewage overflows

January 23, 2019

Kim Anderson has been a homeowner in the Grove Park neighborhood for three years, and for three years she has had to deal with sewage muck coming into her home. “It makes me not want to be a homeow

New tool will map Baltimore-area sewage overflows

January 23, 2019

Residents like Kim Anderson, a new homeowner in northeast Baltimore, know what can happen after a lot of rain.

Baltimore program to help homeowners clean up sewer backups denies 85 percent of applicants

January 25, 2019

Sewage backed up into thousands of Baltimore homes amid record rainfall last year.