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Colorado Test Results Reveal Contaminated Drinking Water

June 29, 2020

“CDPHE’s water testing results highlight the need for the state to do more to protect our communities from PFAS,” said Jennifer Peters, Water Programs Director at Clean Water Action. “Polluters should not be allowed to dump these chemicals into our water, and I urge the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission to pass a strong narrative water policy to rein in discharges of PFAS into Colorado waters.”


Fracking Fronlines - Michael and Noelle

Fracking Frontlines: Michael and Noelle

February 1, 2016

Michael and Noelle live in Timnath, CO. Here is their story: "We moved our family here last year and by March, we found out that they were doing seismic testing."

Fracking Fronlines - Carl

Fracking Frontlines: Carl

February 1, 2016

Carl lives in Greeley, CO. This is his story: "Nobody wants semis driving down your neighborhood street, but that's what we have here."

Fracking Fronlines - Rachel and Charles

Fracking Frontlines: Rachel and Charles

February 1, 2016

Rachel and Charles live in Timnath, CO. This is their story: "The activity of the fracking industry has impacted my entire family."

Fracking Fronlines - Desiree

Fracking Frontlines: Desiree

February 1, 2016

Desiree and her family live in Windsor, CO. This is their story:

Sprinkler at a coal ash disposal site. Photo credit: bibiphoto / Shutterstock

Kick Coal Ash Colorado

January 23, 2016

Coal fired power plants are one of the largest source of pollution in the United States.