Clean Water Action Urges Fast Lane Electrification of NJ’s Ports

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
New Jersey_Clean Water Action_Electric Vehicles Adobe Spark.jpg

In Response to NJDEP’s Electric Vehicle Announcement, Clean Water Action's State Director Amy Goldsmith issued the following statement: 

“We can’t move fast enough to electrify our port vehicles and larger transportation sectors. Converting gas and diesel-powered vehicles to electric would bring a breath of fresh air to many who disproportionately suffer and may prematurely die from air pollution. This is particularly true in port adjacent communities, including Newark, Elizabeth, Bayonne and Jersey City, where over 15,000 diesel trucks move goods in and out of the port every day. 

We know electric vehicle technologies both light and heavy duty exist and are proven to work on the docks, as well as short hauls to warehouses and markets. Companies, like IKEA, are exploring and implementing electric delivery truck options.

Now is the time to bring it to the NY/NJ metro region on a larger scale. This is especially vital given that 75% of all goods that come into Port NYNJ are hauled by some of the oldest trucks in the industry and stay within a 75 miles radius. New Jersey could be a front runner in creating "zero emission zones" - by requiring only zero emission vehicles to do short hauls and deliveries.

Going electric would also help the State of New Jersey get in compliance with the federal Clean Air Act's ozone requirements. Despite some claims that our ozone problem flies in from other states, not all ozone and its precursors (NOx and VOCs) come from out of state. 

We have a responsibility to do everything we can to advance the EV technology, make it affordable and available whether you are driving your own electric car, ride/car sharing, traveling by transit bus or moving goods by truck to market. By joining the International Alliance with other Northeastern, New Jersey can access and implement innovation faster. We have no time to waste if we are going to reduce greenhouse gases by 80% and achieve 100% renewables by 2050. Let's get moving!”  


Clean Water Action has more than 150,000 members statewide in New Jersey and is the nation's largest grassroots group focused on water, energy and environmental health. Since our founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to the table. We will protect clean water in the face of attacks from a polluter friendly Administration and Congress.

Amy Goldsmith, Clean Water Action